About the Event

The future of car manufacturing is innovative, digital, and green. New technologies combined with innovative business models offer manufacturers various opportunities to enhance their commercial value and catalyze growth. Technology and its utilization are the key drivers of manufacturing innovation and productivity enhancement thus the Innovative Car Manufacturing Summit 2023 will look into the most sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation & Robotics, IoT, 3D printing, and others. These innovations will create highly intelligent, information-driven factories and distributed business models that can respond rapidly to change and deliver entirely new customized smart products and services.

Manufacturing innovation will impact every aspect of the manufacturing businesses, from production and supply chain to workers. We aim to contemplate how the industry will solve the upcoming challenges – how innovations will affect humans and climate change, how the industry will exit COVID-19, adapt to new technologies, processes and up-skill their workforce, and enable high-value product development, improve their operations and unlock new opportunities.

This exclusive closed-door summit will offer you not only a chance to share your insights on defining the future of the automotive manufacturing roadmap but also a vast range of knowledge and information through fascinating exhibitions, individual keynote presentations, panel discussions, consequently leading to face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities with industrial colleagues who could become business partners.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Perks of the Event


  • Gain maximum exposure for your brand
  • Individual booth space
  • A limited number of exhibitors
  • Engage and interact with prospective clients

Individual Presentations

  • Hear about the latest innovations and technologies
  • Learn about new business models
  • Gain more expertise in your field
  • Get inspired

Panel Discussions

  • Engage in high-level panel discussions and refine your ideas
  • Develop new ways to improve your business process
  • Trigger an exchange of viewpoints among industry experts
  • Ask questions directly to the fellow senior executives


  • Get to know other people in your field
  • Find potential business partners
  • Build new connections and strengthen your relationships
  • Unlock new opportunities

ICM Summit 2022 Speakers

Lars Carlstrom

Founder & CEO

Italvolt SpA

Dennis Nobelius

Chief Operations Officer


Karsten Heuser

VP Additive Manufacturing Siemens

Siemens AG

Danny Auerswald

Site Manager

Volkswagen Sachsen - Die Gläserne Manufaktur

Dr. Dominik Lembke

Director Product Development Europe

SVOLT Energy Technology (Europe) GmbH

Mujdat Tiryaki

Director - Golcuk Plant Leader

Ford Otosan

Christoph Behler

Business Development Manager

Mitsubishi Electric/CLPA

Jian Huang

Global Head of Corporate Supply Chain Risk Management


Among the Confirmed Participants

Key Topics

<p>Innovative Car Manufacturing Paradigms and Technologies</p>


Innovative Car Manufacturing Paradigms and Technologies

3D printing – future of manufacturing

New technologies in the EV production

Artificial Intelligence - driving innovation

The best ways to utilize machine learning in car manufacturing

Industry 4.0 - automation & robotics

IoT – Industrial revolution

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

<p>Challenges in the Automotive Production – Supply Chain</p>


Challenges in the Automotive Production – Supply Chain

Towards the carbon-neutral supply chain

Achieving risk decrease and productivity increase in the vehicle manufacturing

Adapting to the new reality of the logistics and supply chain

Open innovation challenge

Rethinking automotive supply chain dynamics

Are autonomous systems safe and secure?

Manufacturing data analytics and cybersecurity threats

Next-generation battery development - reducing manufacturing costs

Maximizing manufacturing profitability: lean, cycle optimization and sustainable materials

Post-pandemic strategies: The Reset

<p>Future Prospect of Smart Manufacturing</p>


Future Prospect of Smart Manufacturing

Defining smart manufacturing roadmap

The digitization of manufacturing: ERP role

Transition to sustainability and green manufacturing

Smart factories – future of car manufacturing

Industry 5.0 - how to make it happen?

Low-carbon or carbon-neutral production

Regulatory framework for climate-friendly production: how Government will help the industry to achieve Europe's climate targets for 2050

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