ICM Summit 2024 Speakers

Conference Chairman Antonio Ferreira

Consultant - Disruptive Innovation

Joao Mattosinho

General Manager - Halewood Operations

Corneliu Constantin Tascu

Renault Romania ISIT& Digital Hub Director, ISIT Director of Dacia Industry

Ivan Slimák

Plant Manager

Alberto de los Ojos Moral

Valladolid Plant Operations Director

Rafiq Iqbal

Director European Business Development

Gabriel Gonzalez Alonso

SVP, Head of Corporate Production Management

Tomas Michalik

Sales Director EMEA & APAC

Key Topics

Enhancing Manufacturing with Advanced Technologies

Adoption of Digital Twins and Simulation Technologies

Production Improvement Solutions by Using Robotization and Automation

Integration of Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Implementation of Industry 4.0 Principles and IoT Into Manufacturing Processes

Implementation of Predictive Maintenance Strategies using IoT Sensors and AI

Rapid Reconfiguration and Adaptation with the use of Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Utilization of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for Assembly Guidance and Employee Training

Implementation of Advanced Quality Control Methods, Including AI-powered Inspection Systems

Adoption of Modular Production Approaches

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety Using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Present and Future Cutting-Edge Machining Technologies

Streamlining Processes with System Integrators

Adoption and Innovations in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Integration of Digital Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics

Production Facilities Adaptation to Meet New Demands and Standards for EVs

Revolutionizing Industry with Battery Manufacturing and Facilities

Pioneering Sustainable Practices in Automotive Manufacturing

Sourcing Sustainable Materials and Eco-friendly Manufacturing Practices

Integration of Circular Economy Principles, focusing on recycling and reusing materials and components in the manufacturing process

Emphasis on Lean Manufacturing Principles to Minimize Waste, Optimize Processes, and Enhance Overall Efficiency.

Government Regulations Impact on Accelerating Net Zero Manufacturing

Energy Recovery from Industrial Processes

Supply Chain Synergy: Ensuring Continous Production

Strategies to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience

Integration of Digital Technologies for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Among Suppliers

Offshoring, Nearshoring or Reshoring?

Importance of Collaborations, Partnerships, and Mergers

Human-Centric Supply Chain Management

Decentralized Manufacturing Networks

Assessment of Supply Chain Carbon Footprint

Refinement and Adaptation of ERP System for New Standards and Demand

Importance of Synergy Between Component Suppliers

Among our Clients

About the Event

Welcome to the ICM Summit 2024, a prestigious global event at the forefront of innovative car manufacturing. Building on its successful legacy since its inception, this event has grown remarkably, and we are excited to present its 3rd edition.

Our summit is known for its exclusive and elite nature, gathering industry experts to address the critical facets of modern car manufacturing. Participants will explore the latest advancements in the industry, covering cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and advancements in manufacturing processes. Key topics include enhancing manufacturing with advanced technologies, pioneering sustainable practices in automotive manufacturing, and ensuring continuous production through supply chain synergy.

This year’s event takes place in the distinguished surroundings in Frankfurt, Germany. Attendees can anticipate absorbing keynote speeches and engaging panel conversations led by luminaries in the automotive sector. These sessions will unveil insights into the most recent industry developments and offer a unique opportunity to share your expertise. Simultaneously, the exhibition area provides a dynamic platform for networking and exploration.

Attendees will have valuable opportunities to forge connections with industry peers and immerse themselves in the latest trends in innovative car manufacturing, as showcased through the latest technologies from our esteemed clients.

Join us at the ICM Summit 2024 to be a part of the cutting-edge of automotive manufacturing, share your insights, and network with the industry’s leading professionals. This event is where the future of car manufacturing takes shape, and your participation is vital to its success.

Perks of the Event



  • Gain maximum exposure for your brand
  • Individual booth space
  • A limited number of exhibitors
  • Engage and interact with prospective clients

Individual Presentations

Individual Presentations

  • Hear about the latest innovations and technologies
  • Learn about new business models
  • Gain more expertise in your field
  • Get inspired

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

  • Engage in high-level panel discussions and refine your ideas
  • Develop new ways to improve your business process
  • Trigger an exchange of viewpoints among industry experts
  • Ask questions directly to the fellow senior executives



  • Get to know other people in your field
  • Find potential business partners
  • Build new connections and strengthen your relationships
  • Unlock new opportunities

Get the most out of the ICM Summit with an Exhibitor Package

  • Exhibition Stand (Printed and Assembled by Event Organizers)
  • 2 Delegate Passes
  • Full Access to all Event Platforms
  • Scanned Business Cards
  • Presentations from the Event in PDF Form
  • Access to the Evening Event

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