Luke Rogers

Commercial Director

AI Build

About Speaker

Luke Rogers is the Commercial Director at Ai Build Ltd, focusing on partnerships with hardware providers while guiding the overall sales team. His previous role as Head of Sales at 3T gave him a technical understanding of hardware, with large projects like Airbus Eutelsat waveguides under his belt. Moving away from his mechanical engineering roots into software, means he spans both hardware and software worlds and can connect the dots about issues where most people can’t. He often describes his job as translating 'tech speak' into a language that all engineers can understand. He loves working with cutting edge technology to help people achieve things they thought were impossible. You also might recognise him for his LinkedIn videos. Short company description AI Build is a fast-growing London based Software-as-a-Service company, that is disrupting the Additive Manufacturing industry on a global scale. Our clients are tier 1 companies operating in the Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Marine and Energy verticals. Our unique software enables them to fully automate the additive manufacturing process from plan to print, radically improving speed, quality, scalability, and application range, across the entire enterprise. We integrate and partner with a growing network of hardware manufacturers, and we are backed by first class investors. FULLY AUTOMATED TOOLPATH GENERATION FOR INDUSTRIAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING The entire 3D printing process – monitored, controlled, measured and optimized. Our goal is to enable Additive Manufacturing to scale and realize its global potential. Through advanced automation, slow and error-prone manufacturing becomes fast, predictable and repeatable. Increased 3D printing capability through one simple UI that manages even the most advanced toolpaths across all 3D printers in any location.

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