Ioannis Savvaidis


Epoptia P.C.

About Speaker

Co-founder Epoptia cloud MES & Head of production digitization procedures. As a General Manager & Co-founder he is a visionary leader. He has been instrumental in the Epoptia Cloud MES journey from inception to its status as a trailblazer in the manufacturing industry. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for production digitalization & Industry 4.0, Ioannis Savvaidis played a pivotal role in steering Epoptia Cloud MES. He is not only an accomplished technologist but also a strategic thinker, dedicated to Industrial Business Sector, mainly focused on manufacturing execution systems, IoT projects & industrial digital transformation projects, having rich & proven experience in leading and executing all stages of the projects. In addition to the above, he has a key role as a Project Manager in Epoptia Cloud MES. Natural talent in communication & brainstorming he leads teams in requirements gathering and testing activities. Experience: Digital transformation consultant for MES implementations to Assembly & Job-Shop manufacturing with a proven 6 years’ experience and more than 70 successful implementations in various factories worldwide. Automation & Machine Vision Engineer with 10 years’ experience in industrial automation projects. Short company description Epoptia MES is a cloud-based software that is developed to help job-shop & assembly manufacturers grow their businesses. With the use of portable devices, transforms any shop-floor that uses paper & excel sheets, into a “Smart” factory. Epoptia facilitates real-time & remote production monitoring, capacity planning, scheduling & business intelligence with meaningful KPIs and reporting. Its targeted sectors are job-shop & assembly manufacturing departments with engineering to made products. Acts as a complementary to ERPs acquiring data, distribute them to production and send them back. It is based on lean manufacturing principles & what differentiates it from the competition is that it was "born" inside production. Epoptia Cloud MES therefore acts like a production manager thinks. The software is provided in SaaS (Software as a Service), providing flexibility for the manufacturers, and reducing the initial investment cost.

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